Our Technical Team

Working at Paragon Organics is like being a part of an extended family. Discipline, punctuality, continuous training and individual development make our company a great place to work at. Our inspiring, pleasant and growth-oriented work environment and open channel communication foster creativity, responsibility and a sense of belonging and ownership in every employee.


A team of experienced and skilled professionals with exemplary dedication, broader perspectives and distinguished career records. Their clear vision for the shared objectives and goals shapes Paragon Organics into a company which meets customers’ expectations and is capable of coping with the current and future challenges. The team remains extremely dedicated and sincere to the company's cause. As a part of our global standard strategy, we have given high priority to employee development through knowledge and skills enhancement. The Human Resources Division of the company is engaged not only in recruiting the best people, but also regularly investing in the training and development. Through our HR initiatives, we are continuously working to create an environment where goals and aspirations of the employees are intertwined with the company’s vision.

Company Surrounding :

Our manufacturing facility located in clean , environment, no hazards manufacturing or biotech company near /closed to company surrounding. No sewage treatment or any other large qty waste handling surrounding our manufacturing facility.

We have well established system for handling of effluent and waste , strictly monitoring and controlled meeting norms of local pollution control board GPCB.